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The State Election Commission is entrusted with the job of preparation of electoral rolls and conduct of elections to all the local bodies in the State under the Constitution of India.  The State Election Commission is required to ensure free, fair, peaceful and transparent elections to all local bodies in the State.

Parts IX and IX-A of the Constitution of India brought enforce  by the 73rd and 74th constitution amendments, deal with matters relating to the constitution, composition and the functional ambit of the Panchayats and Municipalities respectively.  By virtue of Articles 243K and 243ZA the responsibility for superintendence, direction and the conduct of elections to the local bodies has been vested in the State Election Commission.  Subject to the provisions of Constitution of India, the Legislature of the State may by law, made provisions with respect to all matters relating to, or in connection with elections to such local bodies.

In terms of the constitutional provisions, the State Election Commission comprising the State Election Commissioner is appointed by the Governor of the State subject to the provisions of any law made by Legislature of the State, the conditions of service and tenure of office of the State Election Commissioner is determined by Rule by the Governor.

Under these constitutional provisions, the State Government has already formed the following Acts and Rules under which both the Panchayats and Municipalities elections are conducted:-

1.         The Punjab State Election Commission Act, 1994.

2.         The Punjab Municipal Election Rules, 1994.

3.         The Punjab Panchayati Raj Act, 1994.

4.         The Punjab Panchayat Election Rules, 1994.

Sincere efforts were made for the conduct of elections to all the local bodies in the State during the past years in a free and fair manner by drawing officials from Government and other departments those who indulged in partism conduct or performed their election duties with malafide intentions etc. were punished by the Commission from time to time as and when the elections were held.  This was to ensure total transparency, free and fair elecitons in the State in future.